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The Gilded Age continues on HBO Max. Simon plays the most proper of proper butlers, Bannister.

Of Epsiode 4, Alice Burton wrote in The Vulture, a section of New York Magazine:

“Bannister touring the Russells’ mansion is exactly what I wanted from the series.

Can Bannister come back and tell the Russells’ staff everything they’re doing wrong and why? Because if that were the rest of the series, I would avidly watch every minute of it.”

Simon also gave talks to The Dutch Treat Club (Feb 1st), The Coffee House at the Salmagundi (Feb 9th), and The Players (Feb 18th) about the making of "The Gilded Age” in the time of Covid. (Possible title: Putting the EPIC into EPidemIC.)

“Somersett” was nominated as one of five finalists for a 2022 Audie by the Audio Publishers Association in the History/Biography category.

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I rejoined the cast of “Trouble in Mind” on Jan 5th until its run ended on the 9th

The first episode of “The Gilded Age” aired on HBO Max on January 24th, and in the UK on Sky and Now TV on the 25th. “What would Downton’s Mr Carson think of a butler with (gasp!) whiskers?” – from the Diary column in The Times of London.

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Trouble in mind continued its run, and was recorded for its archives by The New York Public Library for The Performing Arts.

“Somersett” and “Cloud Cuckcoo Land" were named as among AudioFile magazine’s 55 Best Audiobooks of 2021.

“Starship Titanic” was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 UK (Sir Michael Palin, narrator) and the original Radio series of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy “ was re-run on Radio 4 Extra.

On December 26th, regular routine tests at the Theatre produced a Positive result for Omicron, There were no symptoms at all during quarantine for ten days.

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