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“Somersett” sadly did not win an Audie, but it was good for it to be nominated.

HBO/WarnerMedia already gave the go-ahead for a Second Season of “The Gilded Age” on February 14th. On the same day, March 21st, as the last episode of Season One aired, there was a virtual table-read of the first three episodes of Season Two. Shooting is due to start at the end of April.

Simon gladly accepted an offer to appear in episode 602 of “The Good Fight” (which stars his “employer” on “The Gilded Age”, Christine Baranski) as Judge Carl Gattis, for CBS/Paramount Plus, and because of a block-wide power cut in Brooklyn, came back to the studio another day to finish. Ironically, the “Gilded Age” episode that streamed that week was about Mr. Edison and his remarkable lightbulb.

At Radio Waves Studio, by chance in the building on 27th Street in Manhattan where Edison’s rival Nicola Tesla had a laboratory, he recorded some roles, including one in French, and the credits, for “Jules Verne – From the Earth to the Moon” by Eve Wolf, directed by Donald Sanders, a joint Anglo-French podcast for the Ensemble for the Romantic Century, (ERC).

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