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Where did that month go?

On April 7th, the cast of Season Two of “The Gilded Age” assembled for a virtual read-through of episodes 4 and 5. Many interesting plot turns lie ahead.

I had weekly rehearsals with Nancy Winston for our Evening of Victorian Parlor Songs scheduled for The Coffee House at the Salmagundi Club on May 5th.

At the Tenebrae Service on Maundy Thursday, I did some readings for Marble Collegiate Church’s Music Director, my old friend, Kenneth Dake. It’s become a regular event depending on what I’m working on and where.

I was approached through this very website by Charles Kirsch, whose podcast interviews with theatre professionals now number over 100, and can be found as Broadway Babble on The interview by zoom on April 20th was a delight: he’s very adept at drawing out people to talk about themselves, their careers, and the people they’ve worked with along the way. In our industry that may seem easy, but his interest and knowledge belies his 14 years, and I reckon that encourages his subjects to open up more than they might to jaded interviewers. His talk, for instance, with survivors of the original cast of “Applause” was fascinating and revealing, especially when it seemed that events backstage had intriguing parallels with the story of “All About Eve” on which the musical was based. Strongly recommended.

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